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An All-in-One Transfer Cart to Accommodate Varied Booms
An All-in-One Transfer Cart to Accommodate Varied Booms

Every company focuses on efficient and effective solutions that can help them seamlessly conquer the challenges associated with their businesses. With one such requirement, one of our clients and a leading German manufacturer of concrete pumps and pumping equipment approached our team. The client desired to update their existing structure of using different carts for different booms every time during its boom relocation.   

Issues and Challenges-  

To make the process more efficient, they had the following requirements-  

  • One-stop solution to relocate multiple booms.    
  • A cost-efficient, productive, and weight-optimized solution that can carry the heaviest weight of 24,000 kg and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  
  • A secured, easily moveable, and installable corrosion-preventative cart.  

Our Solution-  

  • We offered them a magnificent solution with adjustable mounting holes that accommodate multiple booms with different weights.  
  • We have prepared a transport cart that supports the weight of the heaviest unit with a safety factor of 1.5 to ensure sufficient capacity. The cart can carry the heaviest weight of 24,000 kg.   
  • The cart is designed in such a manner that it can secure the unit during travel, along with preventing corrosion.  
  • The cart is easily moveable with a forklift in the yard and equipment mover inside the building.  
  • The transport cart enables seamless installation of both main as well as a core pumps.  
  • The cart accommodates units of the required frame lengths along with preventing the moment during the assembly process.  


Final Outcome-  

The solution revolutionized the older structure of the organization with an all-in-one transport cart with adjustable mounting holes. It has eliminated the need for different carts to relocate the booms, along with intensifying productivity and efficiency for the organization. 

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