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To provide simplified version of wiring harness schematics from AutoCAD-to-AutoCAD electrical software for a crane machine. 

To deliver 2D harness with BoM with referencing SAE standards 


  • Created electrical schematic in Tabular version of interface Connection with point-to-point wire connections.
  • Created symbol library referencing SAE standards
  • Created 3D connector models in software
  • Created harness model and drawing which can be used for manufacturing.

Tools Used: 

  • 2D software: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical
  • 3D software: Inventor

Value Added in Harness Drawing: 

  • Finalized harness schematic format in AutoCAD Electrical software and harness model with drawing format on 3D software
  • Finalized WIRE LIST TABLE which is populated automatically on the drawing which also includes splice connection
  • Finalized Tag wise BoM for harness which is populated automatically on the drawing
  • Created connector symbols footprint library which can be used in splat harness
  • Simplified harness schematic by dividing in multiple sheets for easy traceability and reading
  • Added connector tables into splat harness drawing which includes connector, its part number, pin/cavity and wire/cable numbers
  • Optimization and balancing of splices. Added splices into schematic and splat harness with its location
  • Optimization of efforts and more control of designer over harness drawing

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