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Steel Building Design

Steel building design

Discover the design of steel buildings with us. Explore our accomplishments, consider the future, and experience better architectural services in transforming steel designs. We know steel building design's role in reshaping the construction industry and modern infrastructure.

Crane runway design

A crane runway is the backbone of material handling operations in industrial settings. It's the elevated pathway upon which cranes traverse, transporting heavy loads precisely. Our crane runway design services ensure that this crucial infrastructure component supports the load and streamlines workflows.

Crane Runway Design


Structures called pre-engineered buildings (PEB) are created, engineered, and manufactured off-site before being put together on-site. They are frequently employed for various functions, such as industrial, commercial, and warehouse structures. With tools and technology for designing, scheduling, and controlling the PEB project lifecycle, we offer services in a structural format system.

Foundation Design

A well-designed foundation is more than just a base; it's a monument to stability, toughness, and the craft of engineering; as we at Katalyst Engineering Services are aware of engineering principles, we provide the best strategic solution to geotechnical designs.

Foundation Design


Building Information Modeling is a digital technology and approach used in civil engineering services and construction to produce and manage intricate digital representations of buildings and infrastructure's physical and functional properties. We develop a collaborative and integrated 3D model that contains information on numerous project aspects, from design through construction and maintenance, BIM goes beyond conventional 2D drawings.

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