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Engineering & Manufacturing Services

1.   Mechanical Engineering

- Our range of services includes Product Engineering, Mechanical Design, Value Analysis and value Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Mechanical Analysis, Hydraulic Design, Product Localization, CAM/CNC Programming, and Modeling and detailing Services.

2.   Electrical Engineering

- Our range of electrical engineering services includes Electrical Schematic, Harness Routing, Nail Board Drawing, Electrical System Installation, and Standardization. 

3.   Civil Engineering

- Civil engineering focuses on the structure, building, and maintenance of infrastructure. Our service in this field includes Steel Building Design, Crane Runway Design, PEB, Foundation Design, and BIM. 
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Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Our engineering & manufacturing services are structured to transform your business and its scale. It involves a range of services, including Should Costing, Quality Assurance and control, Supply chain optimization, material selection and handling, CAM services/ CNC programming, and Tooling & fixture design.

Our engineers and designers are highly disciplined and are focused on providing services integrated with a range of innovative services. Our team at Katalyst ensures precise and efficient delivery of our customers’ requirements. We deliver our support and accurate high-standard products throughout our value chain to our customers.

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Manufacturing Engineering Services
Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our range of contract manufacturing services includes Prototype Support, Vendor Management, Fabrication, Forgings, and Castings.

Vendor Management offers solutions such as Contract negotiation, Contract Sourcing, Contract creation & agreement, Risk mitigation, Vendor performance management, and Process development. Prototype Support offers Rapid prototypes, Machined prototypes, Functional prototypes, and FRP models.

Fabrication provides services including Sheet metal formed components, Structural Components, press parts, and weldments. Casting services involve Aluminum castings, GCI Castings, and Non-Ferrous castings.

Forging services provide open forging, extrusion, die forging, and rolling. In our contract manufacturing, we aspire to provide our customers with components that are manufactured in a cost-efficient way. Our experts ensure to focus on the best strategies and practices to implement solutions with high-production, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

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