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should costing

Should Costing

Should costing is a cost estimation technique used in manufacturing engineering services to specify the expected or "should" cost of a goods or component before it is put into production.

We choose the most cost-effective production procedures, optimize the design for cost-effectiveness, bargain fair pricing with suppliers, ensure benchmarking, and optimize design.

Quality Assurance and Control

Through a comprehensive quality assurance method, our engineers ensure that goods or services produced by an organization meet or exceed specified quality standards and client expectations.

It includes a variety of procedures and actions aimed at eliminating faults, maintaining consistency, and constantly enhancing processes.

quality assurance and control
supply chain optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Through the supply chain optimization process in manufacturing services, our engineers make strategies to improve competitiveness, lower costs, increase client satisfaction, and enhance profitability.

Material Selection and Handling

Our engineers monitor material selection and handling in the manufacturing process. While selecting the specific requirement of the products, firstly, they evaluate and finalize the product based on quality, cost, and performance.

Engineers create protocols and recommendations for safely handling, storing and transporting goods to avoid damage, contamination, or degradation. They could specify environmental factors like temperature and humidity for the best material storage.

material selection and handling
cam cnc programming

CAM Services/CNC Programming

In the manufacturing engineering services process, engineers play a vital role in different aspects of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Our engineers assess and choose the best CAM software packages based on manufacturing needs, such as the kind of materials, procedures, and machine machines being utilized.

G-code is a programming language used to drive CNC machines that engineers create and edit. Parameters, including tool speed, feed rate, tool changes, and tool offsets, must be specified in this situation.

Tooling and Fixture Design

We enable our services in the manufacturing industry, tooling, and fixture design that involves creating complex parts and products, machinery designing, and assembling.

Engineers and designers in this discipline are responsible for developing and optimizing tools and fixtures to ensure accurate and efficient production processes.

tooling and fixture design
cost analysis and reduction

Cost Analysis and Reduction

We focus on increasing profitability and competitiveness by carefully reviewing costs and identifying ways for cost-effectiveness without compromising quality of product.

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