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Our Expertise

Leveraging our capabilities to develop solutions that can minimize accidents and increase customized cockpit experience for drivers and passengers. We offer end-to-end automotive system development, including automotive embedded systems, automotive digital transformation, automotive electronic control unit (ECU) development, and more.

Engineering Services

Leverage our expert services and engineering solutions to structure, experiment, test, and manufacture the best product.

  • Exteriors & BIW
  • Transmission & Powertrain
  • Interiors & Seating
  • Chassis
Engineering Services
Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded technology has gained significant recognition in the past few years owing to its offerings, including responsiveness, energy efficiency, safety, and more. At Katalyst, we assist clients from conceptualization to SOP. Our expert industrial designers, with their unmatched skills, assist our clients in developing first-rate designs meeting the customer's expectations.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in the automotive manufacturing industry is one of the biggest breakthroughs. The hardware-focused industry is taking big steps towards software-driven solutions.

With our digital expertise, we assist businesses in building products with advanced and dynamic innovations and efficiency. Our services include both hardware-based digital solutions and software-driven developments.

  • System development HW & SW
  • ADAS functions
  • Tooling, testing, and consulting
  • Embedded functions in Chassis
  • Connectivity and Navigation
  • Body transformation
  • E-Power train including BMS, EMS, and transmission control.
  • ECUs, TCUs, BCMs development
  • Electronics and software development
  • Engine management, battery management system, E motor controls, transmission control unit, and more.
Digital Transformation
Technology Services

Technology Services

Big data solutions, Artificial intelligence, smart sensors, AR, and various emerging technologies have entered the automobile industry, making it both a powerful and challenging sector. Our skilled specialists accompany the clients with solutions based on their knowledge as well as business intelligence.

  • Connective Infrastructure
  • Smart Dashboard
  • V2V/V2I
  • Predictive Technologies

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