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Electrical Schematic

Electrical Schematic

Our solution supports to create logical and functional schematic, leads to the conversion of manual drawings into parametric drawing using 2D electrical software and selection of components.

Harness routing

Our electrical engineering services cover every process phase, ensuring perfect solutions with adherence to the highest standards for 3D routing of harness using top level model, modelling of connectors/components, and splice balancing.

Harness Routing
Nail Board Drawing

Nail board drawing

Our service includes creating parametric manufacturing drawing for harness and finalizing the drawing format and tables.

Electrical system installation

At Katalyst Engineering Services, we understand that a successful electrical system installation is the backbone of any functional machine. We create drawing to represent harness routing on top model assembly which can help on shop floor to assemble harness.

Electrical System Installation


Our skilled engineers bring innovation, precision, and a commitment to excellence to every project we undertake. We offer creation of library and database of electrical engineering services components and creation of documents for standardized methods and guidelines.

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